7 Strong Steps to Stop a Divorce – Save the marriage system

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Written by Helen Cole

7 Strong Steps to Stop a Divorce – Save the marriage system

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Welcome to this article on 7 strong steps to stop a divorce – Save The Marriage. For many years, different spouses ignore the alarms of discontent that their partner has been ringing.  None of the complaints sounded like they might emerge as being reasons, so when their spouse “suddenly” announces that he or she is moving out, wants to end the marriage, or has even filed for divorce, the ground shakes like an earthquake. But there is a way as highlighted in this piece talking about 7 actions that can be taken to get your relationship back on track;

  1. Prepare for action

Being serious about wanting to stop a divorce requires making an action plan as soon as possible, soothe the panic, and skip the moping.

  1. Smother the urge to play victim

How could you do this to me?” might also specific the way you feel, however it’s a loser approach for regaining your spouse’s affection.  Guilting your partner into returning will just win again, if it wins some thing, a depressed “I hate being here again” spouse, but it is not a good way to stop a divorce.

Remind yourself of the positive qualities you can bring to a marriage, and figure out how to show them in their full colours and in no time you’ll start believing in yourself more, and then, Let your movements communicate louder than phrases. save your phrases for appreciation of him, not for comments about yourself.  Speaking of appreciation, strong people give out lots of positivity, express affection, and share your gratitude for good things your spouse has done.

  1. Clarify what you need to change

In an attempt to stop a divorce make a list of all the negative comments that your spouse has made to you.  List all the complaints, criticisms and angry comments you can recall that you probably see now were approximately reasons for the modern divorce strive.

Check out the list with your partener and be sure you left no criticisms out.  at the equal time, maintain your tone robust, as if you are just checking the list you are taking to the grocery store.

You can also think back to your family background, the more effectively y

ou can identify where in growing up you may have learned that mistake, the more effectively you will be able to let go of the mistake and replace that habit with a far better one.

The author also suggested mapping out a plan of action for fixing each and every item on the list.save the marriage

  1. Look your best

Most couples do not pay attention to this but it is one of the most important factors that can determine the fate of a relationship, Appearance can be a huge factor in the odds of success in stopping a divorce.

If the photo isn’t clear, pay attention to appealing humans in a clothing store or to newscasters or other well-dressed folks on TV, Lose weight, Rethink your hairstyle.  Pay attention to the clothes you’ve been wearing: throw out those baggy sweat pants and outdated footwear. Imagi

ne how you will look if you were to look strikingly attractive.  Then figure out how to make that your new non-public fashion.

  1. Clean up all the old hurts

Saving a marriage requires that you find out what resentments and hurt emotions your partner contains that may be the cause of the impending breakup.  Write out a list of all the moments that your partner recalls with anger or bitterness.

Then go through each item on the list together, one by one. That means each of you needs to look for your own part in the misunderstanding, misperceptions, mistakes etc.  Nobody gets to touch upon what the opposite did that changed into problematic.

Just aim to understand what you did that inadvertently contributed to the problem. Apologize for it. Then discern out what in the future you can do differently to prevent any repeats.  Errors are for studying. in case your marriage is rocky now, it means you haven’t been doing enough learning from your mistakes.

  1. Believe in yourself

In order to stop a divorce, you need to keep up your morale as you forge ahead, think about the mantra “I think I can, I think I can.”  Treasure this mantra, and say it to yourself multiple tim

es a day.

Use “temporal tapping,” a technique for changing self-defeating beliefs if deep down you believe that you don’t deserve to be loved, you need to change that. With the three longest fingers of your right hand, tap in a circle round your proper ear. tap from front to lower back, down and around back up, completing a circle, for as many as 10 circles.  As you faucet, say aloud, “I should be cherished. i’m lovely., say aloud, “I should be cherished. i’m lovely etc….” 

Temporal tapping helps to reprogram your brain, replacing the negative beliefs about yourself with positive ones.

  1. Learn the skills that everyone needs if they want to be good at marriage partnership

Learn the four skill sets essential for sustaining a loving relationship: 1) talk together cooperatively

2) Make win-win decisions together.

3) Preventing anger from spoiling your relationship and

 4) Pumping up the positivity you emanate to each other.

You can also read through Self-help blog-posts and books or an online course; sometimes a couple’s counsellor can also be a reliable mentor, but pick carefully to be sure the one you pick out can train you the skills you need.

An online course we strongly recommend is the Save the Marriage system by Dr Lee H Baucom.

The Save The Marriage System can be described in plain words as a marriage saving course that is based on proven concepts, techniques as well as easy to follow steps you can take to save your marriage.

The creator of the save the marriage pdf download, Dr. Lee H. Baucom, a marriage counselor with 22 years of experience in the field of marriage and family therapy, made it clear that he decided to divide his Save The Marriage System into four different modules. Each of these modules will have specific information that will help you get a step closer to saving your marriage. In Summary, here is what you can expect to learn in each module of the save the marriage course:

save the marriage1

Save The Marriage – Module One

According to the author of the save the marriage course, Dr. Lee H. Baucom, the first module is very important and is a must read for those who has been told by their partner that they want a divorce as soon as possible. In essence, this module was designed to provide you with all the most important details that can help you to increase your chances of saving your marriage if it looks like or you believe you and your partner are heading for divorce. Also, this module points out five important things that you must not do, at least if you don’t want to cause even more damage to your relationship.

Save The Marriage – Module Two

The second module of Dr Lee H baucom’s Save the marriage course is like a road map that shows the way on how you can create steps that can help you save your marriage, based on the situation you are currently in. In this module of the save the marriage system, Dr. Lee H. Baucom provides lots of explanations on the psychological aspect involved with building the intimacy back up again in your relationship, and talks on all the steps that he believes will help you get the intimacy that you once had with your spouse again.

Save The Marriage – Module Three

The third module of the Save The marriage system is the core of the System and here you will be educated on the most effective techniques that Dr. Lee H. Baucom believes you can use to light up the spark in your marriage once again. This module of Dr Lee H. Baucom’s Save The marriage download also contains advice on specific therapies and exercises that can help you identify as well as fix certain marital issues faster.

Save The Marriage – Module Four

Generally, the fourth or last module focuses on how you can reconnect with your partner. This module of the Save the Marriage System offers lots of information and advice on how to overcome possible conflicts or misunderstandings that you are going through right now and how you can make sure they don’t resurface.

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