10 Tips on How to Get Your Spouse Back after Months Apart

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Written by Helen Cole

10 Tips on How to Get Your Spouse Back after Months Apart

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Welcome to this article on 10tips on how to get your spouse back after months apart. There’s a reason ‘exes’ are ‘exes.’ However, that is not to discourage you, not in an article like this! In fact, it is only a reminder of the ‘decision’ that may either ‘make or break’ your relationship. So, before you get behind the wheel and jam on the accelerator hard, it is very important to know if you want to get your spouse back for the right reasons. While you may have tasted the ‘time apart,’ done the soul-searching, dated some other people, and realized that you were somewhat of  an idiot to let her go, Round two might not come all that easy. Why? because, well, it is the second round!!

Get Your Spouse Back – Text first

This is a non-intrusive method to reinstate contact. Send a simple text and see how she responds. Do not wait by your phone for days, but look out for her reply. If she does reply, she may be open to being in touch with you keeps the string going.

Get Your Spouse Back – Take it slow

Just because you have dated her in the past does not mean that you can skip those first few notches. Do not expect to rev up your engine from zero to sixty without as much as getting behind the wheel. Propose getting back together (and that does not mean moving in together) and wait for her response. If she says no, don’t push for it. If she says yes, she might be open to testing the waters! Yep, women are complex creatures, so move on to the next step.

Get Your Spouse Back – You may call now

Call her and ask her out. No ‘my place-your place’ date, just a visit to an art gallery or a hike on a sunny day! Again, do not be pushy if she isn’t ready to see you yet!

Get Your Spouse Back – Open up

If she accepts your date invite, get together in a relaxed setting and ease in. Ask her what’s going on, how her work is, if her dog still poops on the porch, and if she still cooks those amazing meatballs! Then, allow your desire to get back with her to trickle into the conversation seamlessly. Vulnerability might up your chances and keep it light and fluffy on the surface. You don’t have to scoop the pus off old wounds! Just let it be known that you want to get back with her and see how she reacts. No pressure!

Get Your Spouse Back – Own up

If she seems open to the idea, you may want to man up and acknowledge your shortcomings. Tell her you are willing to set things right by taking responsibility for yourself and your actions. A real apology works wonders.

Get Your Spouse Back – Do not broach the past

Just because you have acknowledged the problem does not mean that you need to scrape and hash out all things that went amiss. Your trip down memory lane should, instead, focus on the positives trying to bring out the memories that kept it worthwhile.

Get Your Spouse Back – Use the friend group

Recreating happy moments is always best in a safe, familiar setting and friends help to tap into a lot of the potential in the process. A mutual friend group may not only share jokes, stories, and anecdotes of the epic times you two had as a couple, but also smoothen out the awkward pauses and the uncomfortable silences.

Get Your Spouse Back – Do not compare notes

PLEASE!! Get over that hiatus. No good can come from her hearing about your bad dates and conquests and your envying the guys who took your place!

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Get Your Spouse Back – Do the work

Do not expect that your shared past with the person shall take care of the present. Do not, for once, think that it was your onus to own up to your mistakes and now, you can very well, relapse into your old patterns of indifference. If you expect the magic to happen without so much as a flick of the wand, dude, that takes the effort to move that hand and cast the spell too! Love is hard work and you cannot expect to reap its fruits unless you are willing to sully your hands in the mud and manure!

Get Your Spouse Back – Show up for the Report Card

Show up. If you’ve done all it takes, and even if you haven’t. Either way, your heart would know what the result would be. Accept it, for it is a reflection of your ‘work’. Also, remember that you can hand out a grade-sheet to your ex too! And that’d be a reflection on whether or not her acceptance of the situation aligned well with what her actions had to say, loud and clear! If the grades on both match, it’d be time for relationship promotion! Or else, you are back where you started.

Get Your Spouse back with the Magic of making Up By TW Jackson

The Magic of Making Up program by T.W. Jackson is a guide for those people that are intrested in mending their broken relationship with their loved one or significant other. The author‘s methods, though controversial among a lot of relationship experts, are based on his own personal life experience as well as his knowledge. The Magic of Making Up Guide provides practical advice on the things you can do to get back the love and attention of your lost love in just 8 simple and easy to understand steps.

The first step T.W. Jackson gave in the Magic of Making Up system is for you to get to know why it is that relationship ended in the first instance. This first step is very important and it is a key component of the entire process, this is due to the fact that you cannot correct or troubleshoot a problem without knowing what the issue was in the first place. The Magic of making Up pdf e-book takes you through how you can identify the reason you fell out so that you can have a better understanding of the step you will have to take so as to repair the damage already done. After you have done this, then it is time to move to the next step.

A Quick Run Through its Pros and Cons

The Magic of Making Up Program Review – The Pros

  • W Jackson carefully breaks down the steps into very simple and easy to understand procedures that will help guide you as the user on what you should do so as to get your ex back for good. He also carefully break up every step and teaches the users what they should say and what they should do in order to get their ex back. The examples the author gives in the Magic of Making Up program are real life experiences and he got them from some of his trainees who used these steps and achieved their mission. This is an advantage that not all other similar programs offer.ex back2
  • The author of the Magic of Making Up program uses several skills for both male and female users since what each gender should do are relatively different. These separation of steps for each gender shows that the author of this program knows exactly what he is doing.
  • The Magic of Making Up ebook is well laid out logically. This is a very clear indication that the author know what he is talking about.
  • The author of the Magic of Making Up Guide offers exceptional customer service often thought as insane. Many of his users have expressed their satisfaction and the quick response they get from the author whenever they have issues if concern as regards the Magic of Making up program. T.W. Jackson responds to each request personally no matter how small or big it might be. This is also an exceptional service that all other similar program don’t offer.
  • The Magic of Making Up program deals with all areas of concern in a relationship that might lead to breakups. The author of this program leaves no stones unturned and you will be surprised to discover that the current situation you are going through with your ex is not new when you read the Magic of Making Up ebook. The number of years the author has spent in counselling relationships have enabled him to understand all the areas in a relationship and how you can deal with each of them effectively.
  • The Magic of Making Up System is the only program in its class to give hundreds of examples that covers real life experiences. The chapter in the Magic of making Up pdf ebook that talks about text messages has a number of text messages that you can send to you ex and you can be sure that you are definitely going to get a response. Text messages like that will give you the knowledge that you can use to craft some other text messages on your own and still get the attention of your ex.
  • The author of the Magic of Making Up program recommends certain sneaky psychological strategies that have been researched and tested critically by many couples all around the globe. T.W. Jackson’s awesome ideas are really unique and surely doesn’t exist in any other similar product.
  • The Magic of Making Up program uses several formats of presentation that allow every type of user to effectively benefit from it without having to go through any stress. You can carefully go through the 125 page Magic of making up pdf ebook, listen to the audio format or maybe watch the video. All these is what you stand to get in the price offered for this program.
  • The author of the Magic of Making Up program provides two additional ebooks that talks on topics that are not covered in the main Magic of Making Up ebook.
  • The Magic of Making Up program is always readily available immediately when you need it. No shipment cost is involved since the entire program is directly delivered into your email address as soon as you make your payments. It takes just two minutes after ordering to get the magic of making up pdf download. This is actually a good thing since every time counts when you are trying to get your ex back.

The Magic of Making Up Program Review – The Cons

  • The Magic of Making Up program has a limited offer. This simply means that only those that make their order fast will get the benefits of the program.
  • Despite how much the magic of making up program is reliable, the cost involved during the purchase of the program might appear expensive or appear to be a budget strain for certain people.
  • The Magic of Making Up program can only be used by those people that have a good understanding of the internet since all the transactions are done online.

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